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Marine Surveys & Assessments (MSA) is a woman owned firm started in 1999. We are experienced scientists who provide environmentally sound solutions to public and private clients throughout the Puget Sound. We specialize in marine science research, land use planning assistance, and permitting assistance for waterfront projects and port developments. We also design and implement mitigation, restoration, and monitoring activities. MSA is well-respected for our ability to work with regulatory agencies and clients to resolve aquatic habitat issues. MSA is based in Port Townsend, WA. Being based in a small city, we get the job done with much lower costs than big city consultants. 


Since 1999, MSA has produced over 800 Habitat Management Plans, Mitigation and Monitoring Plans, Habitat Survey Reports and Biological Evaluation documents for a wide range of projects throughout Puget Sound and Lake Washington. We work with many construction, development, land-use, and design firms throughout western Washington. MSA has also worked with several Port districts (Brownsville, Kingston, Winslow, Silverdale, Tacoma, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, and more) as a biological consultant. MSA scientists have decades of experience using WDFW protocols for eelgrass and, macroalgae, and geoduck surveys. More recently, due to mounting USFWS concerns about non-commercial species, we have become certified Marbled Murrelet and marine mammal monitoring providers as well.

MSA maintains up to date knowledge of federal, state, and local environmental regulations, policies, and guidelines. These include NEPA/SEPA, the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the Clean Water Act (sections 401 and 404), Hydraulic (Project Approval) codes, the Shoreline Management Act and local Shoreline Master Programs, Department of Natural Resources Tideland lease requirements, Section 404(b) (1) alternative analysis guidance, Federal wetland laws and policies, and local critical area ordinances. We are well versed in issues and applications of wetland, estuarine, and marine science in Washington state. MSA specializes in scientific SCUBA diving and subtidal habitat surveys, as well as eelgrass delineation and management, mitigation, transplanting, and monitoring. We also provide wetland delineation, inventory, restoration, mitigation, and function assessment services. Our staff is experienced in habitat planning, management, and mitigation services using comprehensive native plant and wildlife surveys.

MSA's founding coincided with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) listing of salmon in Washington State. At that time, we helped to establish the format of the Biological Evaluation document which has since become the standard. MSA provides ESA support on several levels ranging from informal and Section 7 consultations to formal consultation, Regional General Permits, SPIF forms and programmatic biological assessments. We also conduct technical research to support our ESA evaluations so that agency personnel will have data with which to help make difficult permit decisions. Agencies at the local, state and federal level trust MSA reports to answer technical questions related to marine issues. Our integrity and the long-standing relationships we have gained throughout our history speak for themselves.


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