Since 1999, MSA has produced over 800 Habitat Management Plans, Mitigation and Monitoring Plans, Habitat Survey Reports and Biological Evaluation documents for a wide range of projects throughout western Washington. We are the on-call biological consultants for the many land use, construction, and development companies throughout western Washington. MSA has also worked with several Port districts (Brownsville, Silverdale, Kingston, Winslow, Tacoma, Port Angeles, and Port Townsend) as a biological consultant. MSA scientists have decades of experience implementing official protocols for eelgrass/macroalgae, forage fish, and geoduck surveys. In response to recent USFWS concerns about non-commercial species, we have become certified marbled murrelet and marine mammal monitoring providers as well.


  • Kalaloch Cabins, Forks, WA. 2016
    In response to a construction proposal in undeveloped, sensitive coastal forest in western Jefferson County, MSA was contracted to produce a wetland delineation, develop a Habitat Management Plan (HMP), and mitigation planting plan for a large property, with several ESA elements and regulatory issues. MSA also provided the project planners with analysis of relevant City Regulations to facilitate review and permitting of this complicated project. The HMP was designed to satisfy relevant components of the new Jefferson County Shoreline Master Program (SMP). MSA designed and developed a planting plan to provide project mitigation for a previously clear-cut swath of property with little ecological value. The mitigation plan provided sufficient compensation for both ESA and State Priority listed species, allowing for project completion while providing important environmental remediation. MSA also managed all applications and permits associated with this project.

  • Trident Marine, Pickering Passage, WA 2016
    MSA provided a comprehensive Biological Evaluation (BE) for clients wishing to develop a section of low-intertidal shoreline for geoduck aquaculture. MSA biologists and ecologists performed surveys for protected species and priority habitats, as well as assessed the proposed project’s potential impacts on Endangered Species Act listed flora and fauna, cultural and archaeological impacts, and others as required by the permit issuing authorities. 

  • Skyline Marina Dredge Planning and Permitting, Anacortes, WA 2016
    MSA designed and executed the pre- and post-dredge sediment sampling and analysis plans and permitting necessary to comply with the environmental requirements of the US Army Corps of Engineers, USFWS, State, County and Local regulatory bodies regarding dredging in marine environments. Planning also included methodologies to safely remove and dispose of approximately 7,000 cubic yards of material.

  • Eelgrass Restoration Project, DNR, South Puget Sound, WA. 2016 - present
    MSA teamed with two other regional consulting firms to win a contract from the Washington Department of Natural Resources to perform large scale eelgrass (Zostera marina) restoration throughout Puget Sound. MSA provided the lead scientific divers for this project and worked with other consultants to plan the logistics of dive operations and restoration activities. MSA oversaw and managed the dive team as well as developed new methodologies to refine the novel large scale eelgrass harvest and transplant techniques. MSA also performed baseline eelgrass delineation surveys via SCUBA in addition to harvesting and transplanting eelgrass, projected to result at projects end in more than 170,00 eelgrass shoots being transplanted from donor sites into approximately 162,000 square meters of suitable new habitat.

  • DeKalb Piling Installation, Gig Harbor, WA 2016
    Our services were contracted to create and implement a Marine Mammal Monitoring Plan to ensure the safety of marine mammals in the area surrounding the project site during vibratory pile installation.


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  • City of Oak Harbor
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  • Dabob Bay Oyster Company
  • Diller Construction Enterprises
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  • Department of Natural Rescources
  • ​ECCO Architecture & Design
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  • Finnriver Farm​​
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  • ​Hood Canal Coalition
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  • Jefferson County Marine Resources Committee
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